Lancaster and Morecambe Hypnotherapy Client Testimonials


Some recent client testimonials:

"Hi Vicky, I would like to say a massive massive thank you because my work with you has really made a big difference! After receiving hypnotherapy for anxiety, I am feeling much more confident in a range of situations and am feeling better week by week"  Kay, Lancaster

"Having had 3 sessions with Vicky for flight anxiety and other related anxiety issues,  I can highly recommend her. I will be flying in 2 and a half weeks but Vicky has given me the tools to manage this journey.  Already I feel calmer and her support and help has been amazing. She is extremely compassionate and totally professional.  Please go and see her, she is wonderful"  Leigh, Lancaster

"Thank you so much for the today's hypno-relaxation session.  I feel ready to face the world again!" Doreen, Morecambe

"After coming to North Lancs Hypnotherapy in Lancaster for relaxation sessions, I feel much more able to cope with my stressful job." John, Garstang

"Vicky has such a calm and professional manner that I was immediately put at ease. Coming for hypnosis was the best decision I have ever made!" Dave, Garstang

At North Lancs Hypnotherapy, we take confidentiality very seriously.  All testimonials have been published with each client's full consent.